Saturday, March 5, 2011

SSF Mangalore Eid-Milad Rally

Mangalore, Mar 2: To mark the feast of Eid Milad, the Sunni Students Federation (SSF) held a "Milad rally" on Wednesday 2 March 2011 from the Pumpwell circle to Don Bosco Hall, Mangalore. The rally began from the Pumpwell Mahaveera Circle at 2.30 pm. Children from various schools and Scouts marched in the rally by holding SSF flags.

The SSF members shouted slogans throughout the march. All the participants gathered in Don Bosco Hall. Ismail welcomed the guests and the gathering. The convention "Labbaika Ya Rasulallah", was formally inaugurated by DK District organizing secretary of SSF, Basheer Madaniat. In his inaugural speech he said that, the name Sunnis used to refer to themselves, reflected the ideal of community solidarity - “The people of tradition (sunna) and the community.” Historically, Sunni Muslims have looked towards the consensus of the community, known as ijma, to determine points of doctrine and behaviour.According to a well-known hadith, Prophet Muhammad declared, “My people will never agree together on an error.” Consensus therefore became a powerful force for conformity within Sunni Islam. Although these schools differed slightly in terms of the methodology they employed to discover God’s will, all agreed on the Qur’an and the example of Prophet Muhammad as the ultimate source of truth.DK SSF president Isac Zahari in his presidential speech said that "Islam is considered to be one of the largest religions practised in the world. For many of us, Islam is apparently one cohesive religion with a few fanatics here and there. But in reality, there are two different branches of the Islam religion. Sunni Muslims believed that the rightful heir of Mohammad’s place as leader of the Islam religion is one who is voted on the basis of consensus of the Islam communities.

"He also said that no one from SSF was involved in terrorism, goondaism, looting, robbery or any other illigal activities. SSF is a peacefull Muslim community which is spreading love and peace around. "We are not seeing the hunger and enjoying our meal; instead we feed the hungry first . We are not giving any opportunity to spoil the peace in the society." He urged the youth not to join any organization without knowing their activities. He called upon the youth to serve the mankind with peace and dedication. Participants from the city and around were present in the rally as well as in the convention. Mohammed Fazil Kavalaktte, G M Mohammed Kamil Sakhafi, N K Shafi Sa'adi Bangalore, Abdul Hameed Bajpe, M B M Swadiq Malebettu, K B Sulaiman Sakhafi, U K Mohammed Sa'adi Valavoor, J M Mohammed Kamil Sakhafi, Ibrahim Bava Haji abd Abdurasheed Haji, Mangalore were present on the dais.

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